BSCI & German Fashion

Conscious entrepreneurial action, creating fair working conditions and assuming social responsibility. This is what we stand for as Terrax Außenhandels-GmbH.

This credo applies not only to our own employees, but also to our suppliers.

Therefore Terrax has been a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) for several years.

This code of conduct was established by the FTA (Foreign Trade Association) and leading companies and is based on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of Children and agreements on the elimination of discrimination and improvement of working conditions worldwide.


The following topics are examined during certification: Child and forced labour, health and safety at work, freedom to form workers' organisations, discrimination, working time regulations, and living wages and working conditions.

The German Fashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V. represents the German fashion industry and includes members from the entire fashion industry. We as Terrax Außenhandels GmbH are also a member of this association.

To exchange ideas with experts from the fashion industry on industry-specific issues and thus to always stay up to date on all developments is our professional claim. For us, this also includes simply looking beyond our own nose, because we procure, produce and export worldwide, so it goes without saying that we keep an eye on international developments.