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In the fashion segment TERRAX stands for high-quality functional clothing & accessories with its brands Baumfuchs, River Creek, Coastguard, Leitfeuer.

The resulting collections for men and women are always oriented towards the hottest trends with their colours, cuts and small details, yet their basic design is so timeless that they are not subject to the short-livedness of a fashion trend.

With this mix, our design team creates unique models that convey a light, uncomplicated attitude to life, regardless of age group.

All the brands in our portfolio stand for a specific theme, which also runs throughout the collection designs and POS media, thus giving each brand its own face.

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Spring/Summer-Collection 2021

The new spring/summer collection 2021 has a lot to offer optically. Not only does it come with great new colours for men, it also dresses women in beautifully feminine colour combinations.

Aquatones and the trend colour yellow are the distinguishing features of the Coastguard 2021 collection. These colour tones are consistently used for jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

In this collection, Baumfuchs has moved away from the classic Baumfuchs green and shows that natural tones can do more. Thus Baumfuchs optically takes a short trip around the world and the women's models feature an aloha print and Hawaiian rosé, yellow or sand tones, as well as all-over prints as a full-surface print on the outside and as a patterned lining with tropical flowers and palm leaves. 

The men's models are more discreet in terms of pattern and colour design. They follow the motto "Keep it simple". Whether long or short, a deep dark green, partly also with a leaf pattern or made of non-slip structured material, the models show their "Baumfuchs heart" in look and feel. A deep dark blue completes the colour palette, as does a strong yolk yellow and a dark camel as a blouson jacket with leaf lining.

A special innovation in the models is a light hiking pant for men and women. Due to their soft material they are comfortable to wear, even in warm temperatures. With many pockets, they are the ideal companion for long hikes. 

All models contain details typical for Baumfuchs, as known from previous collections. For example fake leather batches or sewn-on label tapes with the well-known Baumfuchs logo.

River Creek got a design makeover. The cuts are sportier, the designs fresher and younger. Offset details and eye-catchers make the collection a real eye-catcher.

Strong blue tones characterize the collection just as much as the strong green and one red highlight jacket each. For the ladies, the colour lilac is also included as a trend theme. In addition, 3 ladies' models also reflect the flowery splendour theme.

In terms of design, Leitfeuer remains true to its motto: it is and remains your guide to the sea. Stripes in all shapes and sizes, maritime blue tones mixed with strong red for the men and bright pink made of soft nickel fabric for the women.

For women, 2021 also offers a light, striped jersey dress. And for the matching partner look by the sea of Bermuda, made of skin-friendly twill fabric in dark blue with small beacon lighthouses in an all-over print. 

Highlights S/S 2021

Autumn/Winter-Collection 2020

"Let it snow" is the slogan of the autumn/winter collection 2020 and wants to remind of the image of a colourful snowstorm.

For although it is our Autumn/Winter collection, the selected colour combinations range from rich berry, mustard or maritime blue tones to a rust-red or natural olive and are proof that Autumn/Winter fashion need not be monotonous.

A trend theme, which our design team has implemented in the Kollektoin, is the current Nicki fleece and maritime stripes under guide-fire, jackets in tone-on-tone camouflage under the River Creek brand, jackets in parka cut across all brands, as well as the chic in knitwear theme with various models under River Creek.

Baumfuchs on the other hand convinces with fibre fur models and fake fur & fake leather batches on jackets & vests, which give the models a natural look.

Coastguard boasts its own product line that whets the appetite for a runway flurry called Aspen Ski Patrol. 

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Spring/Summer Collection 2020

Under the motto "Easy living", the spring/summer collection 2020 picks up the light and carefree attitude to life that accompanies us through the warm season.

Coastguard focuses on pastel shades, as well as jackets and vests with pastel colour gradients. This colour range is complemented by T-shirts in subtle white with coloured stripes.

As a contrast, the sporty brand also offers gaudy colours ranging from turquoise, bright blue or strong red.

The T-shirt or sweatshirt Leitfeuer models are for men and women this spring/summer in bright sunny yellow or bright light blue. A great contrast are the functional jackets in deep dark blue, which are available for men and women. So you can even enjoy the trip to the sea in a partner look.

Of course, maritime all-over-prints with small ships or lighthouses are not to be missed, just like chic Frisian mink made of PU in sunny yellow or dark blue.


The first Baumfuchs collection presents itself freely according to the motto "Off into the green" in matching shades of green and all-over prints in leafy look. The t-shirt duo of the collection makes two cool statements: for men with campfire and for women with wanderlust. Here too, the brand essence of tree fox is immediately recognisable.

In addition to the rather reserved colours, Baumfuchs combines gaudy rain jackets in bright orange or yellow. They ensure safety on long walks in woods and meadows, as they have reflective details in addition to the garish colours, so that you can be seen immediately.

Fancy a sailing trip? Then River Creek is the right place for you this summer. Bright red polo shirts, light blouson jackets in dark blue, combined with details in red & white for men and for women jackets in light grey with lime coloured details.

So the next trip can come!

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