Nordish by nature

A stiff breeze, the roar of the wild, untamed sea, the screeching of the seagulls. On the horizon, the fire of a lighthouse, which calmly makes its rounds... This is Leitfeuer, the brand for ladies and gentlemen with Nordic serenity.

Maritime coolness with creative details and cool colour combinations and prints influenced by the sea, that's what makes the designs of Leitfeuer.

For relaxed Northern Lights, which despite the rough weather do not miss any coastal talk and do not miss a walk on the dike even in slippery weather.

This is exactly what our models are made for. The materials are ideal in bad weather, as well as for warm sunny days.

Bring a little coastal feeling home to your customers with Leitfeuer!

Collection autumn/winter 2020

Rich berry tones and trendy Nicki-Fleece

Leitfeuer in the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection catch the eye with colourful accents in hip berry shades, maritime stripes and trendy velour fleece.

Of course, this collection also includes Frisian mink and knitted fleece with great details.

Of course, the typical leading light colours like dark blue and light blue are also used here. However, these are combined with prints in wave patterns, applied logos made of terry cloth or white stripes.

Let yourself be inspired here:



Sweat jackets and sweathoodys for ladies and gentlemen

Collection spring/summer 2020

Summery-maritime attitude to life

In spring and summer 2020 the focus of Leitfeuer will be on typical maritime colours. These include dark blue, a gaudy aqua, white and a gaudy yellow.

In the men's models, the khaki colour for sweat jackets and Bermudas also stands out, while allover prints with a grey background or a bright pink are more popular for the ladies.

Let us inspire you in our spring/summer catalogue.


Jackets, T-Shirts, Sweathoodys for Men and Women