Back to basics


... a basic collection must not be missing in the TERRAX program. As a textile specialist with over 50 years of history, we know that this branch of clothing is also indispensable. Therefore we offer various simple models under TERRAX Basic as an entry level range for our customers.


Basic-Models by TERRAX Basic

plain and simple - indispensable

Without basics neither fashion nor workwear can work. Therefore, we have placed everything that belongs to a basic beginner's range under the TERRAX Basic product line.

In the first step, these are T-shirts and polo shirts in various colour combinations.

In the coming time this assortment will continue to grow and will be supplemented by several articles.


From page 162 onwards, you will find everything that our basic range has to offer in our general workwear catalogue.


Back to basics - T-Shirts by TERRAX Basic

Back to basics - Polo-Shirts by TERRAX Basic