Inspired by the design of the famous Australian road signs with the corresponding heraldic animal, the kangaroo and the yellow-orange colour, the design of the Roadsign workwear lives from the combination of these attributes and a simple, sporty basic design.

Similar to the well-known fashion brand Roadsign, it also sets a visual highlight in the workwear sector. Made for all those who want to rely on the well-known brand quality of Roadsign even during work.

Get your piece of Australia!

Collections 2019/2020

Modern, reduced design with the accent colour yellow-orange, typical of Roadsign. This is Roadsign workwear. The new models from the current catalogue live from the contrast between muted colours and the typical, coloured details. This way, the visual appearance of the brand always remains true to its style.

Nevertheless, workwear is constantly evolving in terms of materials, comfort and functionality.

For example, the current waistband trousers have ventilation slits on the calves, which make working in hot temperatures more comfortable. In addition, they have reflective details on the legs, which provide safety on factory premises or construction sites in poor visibility.

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Highlights Workwear 2020/2021


Roadsign Highlights