A casual, cool design with eye-catching colour combinations, this is workwear from Uncle Sam. Due to the look, Uncle Sam workwear articles can also be worn during leisure time and still impress with all the functions that good workwear clothing must have: robust, durable materials, comfortable fit, functionality.

Collections 2019/2020

Loud and still pretty cool. This is Uncle Sam. With big prints, bright colours and a cool camouflage look, Uncle Sam almost reminds you of casual wear.

With this model you make a statement and show your individuality. Why does workwear have to be simple and understated? This can also be more casual and in a cooler design.

Of course, the Uncle Sam workwear models are primarily intended for use in professional life or on private construction sites. That's why you can take a lot of punishment. At the same time they are still comfortable and can be worn for hours. You can put together your outfit from the various design lines according to your mood. Because no matter whether as camouflage version or in lime style with royal blue: there is everything from short shorts, waistband trousers and T-shirts to hoodies and sweat jackets.

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Highlights Workwear 2020/2021




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