Safety first - SAFETY AT WORK

Workwear with signal effect

Being noticed and seen can save lives. Especially when visibility is poor. TERRAX offers a comprehensive range of warning protection for all weather conditions.

To see and be seen

Ensuring the safety of employees at work is a major concern for good employers.

Because poor visibility or poor recognition of pedestrians or cyclists can lead to serious accidents, not only in road traffic.

Employees should also be clearly visible in through traffic on factory premises or when manoeuvring, loading and unloading at the loading ramp, especially at dusk or when it gets dark.

For this purpose, TERRAX offers a comprehensive range of warning protection clothing, the models of which can be easily combined with each other.

But not only the safety of the "big ones" is ensured. Warning protection clothing can also be purchased for the "little ones" so that they are just as safe on the road as their parents.

From page 108 onwards in our workwear catalogue you will find the appropriate range.

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Safety for the little ones

Who does not know it from their own experience:
Again and again, dangerous traffic situations and accidents occur due to the poor visibility of pedestrians and cyclists, at dusk, poor visibility through fog or rain and in the dark.
Children in particular are difficult to see when they go to school at dawn or play outside on dusky days because of their small size.
Therefore, the police recommend light and reflective clothing, especially for children.

With our warning protection workwear collection for children, they are optimally protected, whether they are playing outside, going to school or when the little builders accompany their daddy to the construction site.

You will find the corresponding range on page 106 in our Workwear catalogue.



Warning protection for Kids